Zachary Arenz

I'm proud knowing that I work hard to build-up the whole child in a classroom that is safe, welcoming, and provides opportunity for all!


Placed 3rd

in their group

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What is your favorite part of being an educator?

Being an educator fills me with endless joy! Each day, I get to inspire young minds, watch them grow, and witness their "aha" moments. Whether it's exploring music, supporting a child in experiencing something totally new, or fostering and uplifting a classroom community, I love nothing more than seeing my students thrive! We share unforgettable learning experiences, and that's what makes being an educator so fun!

Tell us about your most memorable teaching experience.

One of my most memorable teaching experiences was witnessing the transformation of a group of fifth- and sixth-grade boys in my "Modern Band" program. They started off the year as hesitant and apprehensive kids, but they grew into confident musicians who formed new friendships and found creative refuge in my classroom. Their growth, both musically and personally, always reminds me of the deep impacts that teachers can have on students across their lives.

What would you do with the $25,000?

I dream of giving back to my school community! I want to help establish a community closet and pantry for my students and families who need it most. A lot of kind people donate clothes, food, hygiene items, school supplies, and so much more, but we need a central place to store everything. If we had that special closet, it would be easier for everyone to get what they need right away. With community support, we'll ensure the closet stays clean, organized, and stocked with the things needed most!