Over $2.7 Million Raised for Teach for America

Celebrating Teachers

The America’s Favorite Teacher competition calls on thousands of raised hands to compete for $25,000, a trip to Hawaii, and an appearance in Reader’s Digest, all while bringing awareness to a meaningful cause.


Your 2024 Champion

This passionate STEM director, with nearly 30 years of experience in the school system, helped establish the Phoenix chapter of the Southwest National Robotic Challenge. Teaching mainly 6th-8th grade math and science, he’s eager to expand robotic programs in various schools. Initially on a pastoral path, he shifted to education, earning a master’s in curriculum instruction.

A Trusted Friend

Reader’s Digest unites its readers and their families like no other brand through the simplest of acts: sharing stories, laughs, and great advice. Heading into its 100th anniversary, Reader’s Digest is America’s fourth largest-circulation magazine brand, standing out more than ever in today’s cultural landscape. And now, America’s Favorite Teacher will be featured in this prestigious publication.

Teach for America

Finding Purpose, Fueling Potential

America’s Favorite Teacher is proud to support Teach For America in their mission to find, develop, and support equity-oriented leaders — individually and in teams — so they can transform education and expand opportunities for students. TFA consists of a network of nearly 70,000 leaders who started in the classroom and remain in lifelong pursuit of the vision that one day, all children will have the opportunity to attain an excellent education.

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“Teachers shape the future of our country, and there is no greater act of leadership.”

— Elisa Villanueva Beard, CEO, Teach For America

Thank You

2024 Finalists

Kelby Milgrim

Shelly Starline

Erica Boyce

Jasmine Williams

Colin Curtis

Ray Rodriguez

Jessica Trice

Paula-Rae Manning

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Colossal is a nationally registered professional fundraiser that inspires people to advocate for themselves and those in need. Through online competitions like America’s Favorite Teacher, Colossal offers participants the opportunity to make their mark while also making a big impact.

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