Tomm Tracy

I LOVE what I do - creating our future one scientist at a time!


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What is your favorite part of being an educator?

The connections I have made with my students - even the most challenging ones - are some of my greatest blessings! Our students need someone to believe in them and love them for who they are. I am grateful I can be that someone for my students - current and former. Being greeted with a big hug from one of my kids - even as many as 30 years later - makes my heart smile. While they may have had only one school year in my classroom, my connection to them has lasted a lifetime.

Tell us about your most memorable teaching experience.

After 33 years, I have many memories ranging from heartwarming to heartbreaking! The most recent heartwarming moment has been the hiring of a former student for my position. I have followed her journey from her time as my student to her first year as a teacher with students of her own. While retirement is bittersweet for me, I love knowing that as “my” classroom becomes “hers” she will be as dedicated to her future students as I have been to mine!

What would you do with the $25,000?

In 1999 I created the Science Spot website for middle school educators, which has connected me with teachers and students around the world. Taking the Science Spot “on the road” to provide teacher workshops, present youth science programs, and mentor new teachers has been a long-time dream. This award would make my dream a reality - one that would allow me to share my love of science with kids of all ages and continue to support the educators inspiring our next generation of scientists!

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