Kim Simmons

I fought hard to get my teaching degree, putting myself through college as a single mom with 3 young girls. Determination is what I teach.


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What is your favorite part of being an educator?

My favorite part of being an educator is the relationships I get to build with my students. When my kindergarteners accidentally call me "mom," this shows me that I am building relationships with them that surpass just being an adult in their lives. The relationships that I have with my kiddos starts from the chaotic very first day when they come into my classroom and I get to watch them grow into respecting me, loving me, and trusting me.

Tell us about your most memorable teaching experience.

For a year I taught life skills in a Kindergarten classroom. Many of my students were non-verbal and struggled to connect with people. I had a student who was on the spectrum and was extremely combative We were working on his letters & I was sitting across the desk from him, I would say one and he would show it to me. When he missed one, I would gently slide his hand to the correct one. I was sliding his hand to a letter and he looked in my eyes and smiled. I knew I had reached him♡

What would you do with the $25,000?

With 25,000 dollars, I would probably start by paying off some debt I have from being a single mother and put a little bit aside for a rainy day. And of course, as a teacher, I have been trying to get a grant to get flexible seating in my classroom, so I would use a portion to buy the different chairs and seats for my room. I would also like to use some of it to make my classroom library into a comfortable nook that all of the students would look forward to reading in.

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